Some children will be given the opportunity to experience the wonders of sailing. They may even develop a lifelong love of the sea. An outdoor experience for the whole family is a great way to connect and enjoy the bonds that will be built by such an activity.

When planning to take children sailing, just remember that they may not be as excited by the adventure as we may think. It is a good idea to pack some other activities they may like to sit and do.

Reading, board games, drawing, crafting, etc. It will be no fun for anyone if the kids want to come back in after half an hour on the water.

10 Safety Tips When Sailing With Children

1. All children under the age of 12 MUST have a life jacket when on deck
2. No child should be on the foredeck unless accompanied by an adult
3. If the weather becomes rough, the children must go below
4. Where possible, ensure all children have some level of swimming ability
5. Constant parental supervision
6. Installation of a safety net
7. Use of a harness if necessary
8. No running on board
9. Keep hands and feet inside the boat at all times
10. Slip proof shoes

Why Do We Need Different Safety Strategies for Children When Sailing?

Finding yourself in an emergency situation on land is confronting enough. Add the complication of being at sea and the stress will undoubtedly increase.

Children don’t have the safety knowledge, the maturity or the skills to cope during an emergency situation at sea. The adult’s job will be a lot easier if they know all safety measures are already in place for the children.

Children may not like the rules and restrictions placed on them when sailing but safety measures are imperative.

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