Whitsundays Tours

Have you ever thought of touring around the Whitsundays on your own luxury catamaran?

Our affordable rates and seasonal deals means this could be one of the most affordable holidays you will ever have. No hidden fees, no tours costs, entry charges, no souvenirs shop, no over and aboves. You book then pay, buy food and refreshments and that’s it. How many holidays can promise that?

Touring the Whitsundays is the trip of a lifetime with the highlight being the natural beauty of the area. No need to highly style the surroundings hoping for the perfect shot. The vista is already highly styled – by mother earth. You will forget all your cares as you slowly drift around the magnificent Whitsunday Islands. You will not require your watch for this holiday. You don’t need to be anywhere at any time, your holiday – at your pace, with your chosen destinations and activities. Or 6 days on deck with a good book or some smooth tunes. Decisions, decisions…

Whether you are 10 or 90, this holiday is one you will remember forever. It is also a holiday for the multi generational. Grandpa, grandma, Mum, Dad and the grandchildren. What a wonderful way to share a special memory that will last a lifetime. It is also a special way to celebrate a loved one’s milestone birthday or you and your partner’s intimate anniversary. There are so many wonderful excuses to book a trip around the Whitsundays. What a great conversation starter – “I’ve just sailed the Whitsundays”.

To book your next life adventure call 1300 253 316. We can offer powered or sailing catamarans, skippered or bareboat charters, 6 or 12 day packages. Contact us to see if we have your preferred dates. Get your crew together and start looking forward to the holiday your friends will want to go on as well. Better still – why not take them with you!


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